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Decent Workwear to Keep You Warm This Winter!

As the temperature drops and the cold weather creeps in, keeping warm and cosy at work can become challenging. Concentrating and focusing properly can be impossible if you are too cold, so it is vital to keep your core body temperature toasty warm to keep you safe, comfortable, and efficient. Your work may require extended periods of time spent outdoors in less than ideal conditions, such as landscaping or building, so it is important to invest in workwear to help combat the chill.

Stay warm with work clothing made for winter


Or suffer the consequences…

Allowing your body to become too cold at work is not only uncomfortable, but it can also increase your chances of suffering an injury. As the temperature drops, joints may become stiff and less agile, affecting our flexibility and range of motion. This means that aches, sprains, and injuries are far more likely to occur, and the damage can be serious.

In addition, being too cold can have a seriously detrimental effect on your ability to concentrate and focus, with some workers comparing the feeling to one of being light-headed. This can slow down decision-making and impede reaction times, making an accident or injury a far more likely prospect.

Allowing yourself to get cold and wet at work also makes you far more susceptible to the usual round of winter nasties, such as flu, coughs and colds, and more serious illnesses. Staying warm helps you to maintain health and safety and massively improves work performance.

How Do I Stay Warm?


There is a fine line between staying warm enough and overheating, and the trick lies in the power of insulation. This refers to the trapping of the natural warmth of your body between layers, and this is a key tip in staying warm over winter.

Layers allow you to remain in control of your temperature, as you can quickly and easily strip off a layer at a time if you become too warm – though we recommend stopping when you reach a certain point…

The best place to start is by using thermal base layers, such as a personalised vest. This helps to keep your core body temperature stable and warm and can be quickly built upon with extra layers. This is usually followed by a thin custom t-shirt – though this does not appear to provide much protection, it is a vital extra layer that can be easily removed if you are at risk of overheating.

On top of a t-shirt can be placed a sweatshirt or personalised hoodie, and the latter is a perfect choice to help protect your head and ears – most of the heat we lose is through our heads, so keeping this part of your body warm is crucial. Many hoodies also come with a faux fur or fleece lining for an extra protective aspect. This layer can be followed with a zip-up jacket – usually containing a fleece lining, and, in extreme cold and low temperatures, a heavy-duty coat can be added. It can also be useful to add a waterproof layer to protect you if there is snow or adverse weather.

Don’t forget warm headwear


As well as investing in layers to keep you warm, it is important to take good care of your extremities, as these can quickly become victims of a cold environment. If possible, try to wear gloves – these can be a real lifesaver if you are required to manipulate machinery or dials, or generally work with your hands. Cold fingers can become stiff and tricky to move, and this can affect your dexterity, as well as increasing the risk of injury.

Similarly, a pair of sturdy, work socks can help keep your toes warm, and this can be imperative for helping you to keep your balance; if your feet go numb, you increase the risk of landing heavily, stubbing a toe, or becoming unbalanced by lack of feeling. These should be paired with sensible shoes, appropriate for your workplace.

A woolly embroidered beanie is also a great addition to your workwear; as we discussed, most of the heat loss is through your head, and you can significantly raise your temperature and maintain consistent warmth by making this simple addition to your workwear!

Stay safe and work smart!


As the weather grows colder, staying warm needs to be a top priority in your workplace. By preparing your work clothing well in advance, you can ensure that you are ready for any eventuality, and reduce the chances of injury, illness, or poor performance in the workplace. Layers are your new best friend, and can help you stay comfortable and focused, no matter how unwelcoming the weather becomes!

If you need any help choosing the right winter work gear please do call 0191 6661041 or email

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