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Winter Workwear: Which Garments Keep You Warm?

If you have a workforce of cold employees, there’s no question you need to invest in warmer workwear for them. Knowing your staff are nice and warm is more likely to keep them happy and productive. We have collated some tips to keep warm over winter whether working in a factory, outside with tools, or on the way to work on a typically cold wet British winter day.

So how do you combat the freezing cold weather, excess rain, and inability to get warm no matter how hard you try? Fortunately, we have the ultimate weapon to help you and your staff stay warm and cosy, and not only survive this winter but beat it like a boss!

Prepare yourself for: the humble work hoodie


There are a number of reasons the custom printed hoodie reigns supreme above its winter wear competitors; comfort, practicality, and coverage, to name just a few. Another area in which the hoodie comes out on top is the ease with which it can be layered, making it the perfect garment for practically any weather condition, alongside waterproof work jackets.

How can layering work garments help?


When the temperature drops, the temptation can be to simply throw on the biggest, thickest embroidered sweatshirt you can find. This may keep you warm for a while, but it is easy to overheat and become uncomfortable, especially if you head indoors to a heated building. Instead, layers can offer you greater comfort and freedom, allowing you to easily remove a layer if you become to warm.

Begin your layering with a thin material, such as a cotton vest or camisole, or a lightweight printed t-shirt, you might also like to read our article about choosing a t-shirt. This can be followed with a long-sleeved top or work shirt and doubled up if required. Depending on how cold it is, you could add a jumper, before topping off the ensemble with a hoodie. This means that there are plenty of layers to remove if you find yourself rapidly overheating, and you can stay toasty and warm while still looking super stylish.

How many winter workwear layers do I need?


Choosing how many layers to add to your company uniform depends largely on the activity you plan to undertake. If you are heading out for a rigorous work day, or an energetic activity, you will need to remember that your body temperature will be elevated, and you are more likely to sweat. This is something to bear in mind when designing your uniforms, and here, a zipped hoodie can be a great mid-layer, rather than sitting on top. This means you can add a work fleece jacket or waterproof layer as needed, and still remain super warm at your core.

Which is the best type of hoodie for keeping warm?


Depending on your activity and environment, pretty much any hoodie can be a suitable layer in your clothing choices. Premium Overhead hoodies are particularly useful for this task, as they are specifically designed to trap any insulating air, helping to keep you extra warm. They also tend to include additional padding which can be welcome when the wind is biting, and will usually help to keep your head extra toasty thanks to an elastic binding on the hood; remember that most of the heat you lose in adverse weather will be from your head, so it is vital to protect this area with an embroidered beanie.

It is also a good idea to pick a hoodie which has a zipper if you are planning to layer; this allows you to open the zip and cool down more quickly if you get too hot, and also makes getting dressed and undressed far easier – there is no need to continually pull clothing on and off over your head –  a recipe for a terrible hair day. Pockets are also essential, as they reduce the need to dig through numerous layers to get your hands on a much-needed supply or item – particularly if you are working out and needing a boost or snack!

Take On Winter And Win!

No matter your plans for the winter weather, make sure you have a handy hoodie on hand to allow you to tackle all manner of challenges during your work activities. Invest in a must-have hoodie to stay warm and cosy, and don’t let the baltic temperatures get you down!

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