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Tradesmen: Your Workwear Must-Haves!

As a tradesman or tradeswoman, updating your workwear uniforms with the latest essentials may not seem like a priority, but making sure you are organised and ready for anything with builders workwear… it may just be your secret to success! The proper gear can also help you to stay safe on a job, and ensure that you carry out the tasks to the best of your ability, without being hindered by poor-quality or faulty work equipment.

Without further adieu, here are the top workwear must-haves to keep in your uniform closet, allowing you to grab any opportunity the moment it arises!

Stay Safe With Approved Workwear


Though perhaps not the most stylish addition to your outfit, PPE is one of the most important areas to consider. There are a few essentials which will help you to stay safe on-site, and these include:

Hi-Vis Workwear


Construction sites and similar workplaces are often busy environments, with a number of potential perils, and so making sure you are visible is important. High vis will make sure that you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, and include a cosy fleeced lining to help you stay snug and remain safe, such as this hi vis bomber jacket – if not particularly stylish!

When it comes to workwear, safety is the number one priority, and your working wardrobe must reflect this. Stay stocked up on the absolute essentials, and ensure that you are ready for action at any time while protecting your most valuable asset: your own health and safety!

Nitrile gloves

For a strong, secure grip and resistance to abrasion, even in wet or oily work conditions, nitrile gloves are crucial. The best options have a water-resistant coating, and this keeps your hands warm and dry, allowing you to carry out your job properly regardless of the conditions you are working in. You should also choose a seamless construction wherever possible to reduce the risk of rubbing and discomfort, and make sure you buy for durability – the last thing you want is a pesky tear mid-task!

Dust masks

Dust masks are important to reduce the risk of breathing in dust or potentially toxic chemicals or gases and are especially important if you are working in a building or construction trade. We won’t lie to you: there is no way to make these look good, but they will keep your lungs and airways safe.

Safety glasses

Eye PPE is a non-negotiable; you only get one set of eyes, and it is better to be over-cautious than to risk a tragedy. Dangerous chemicals, flying debris, or other particles can easily enter the eye, causing pain and potential long term damage. Don’t take any chances; protect your vision.

Foam earplugs

Many industries involve heavy machinery or working in loud environments that sustain a high noise level over a long period of time. Over the years, this can have a detrimental effect on your hearing, and so it is important to take precautionary measures early on. Disposable foam earplugs are cheap, easy and simple, but could potentially save you a lifetime of hearing and ear problems. Don’t forget that your balance can also be affected by damage to your inner ear, so the potential consequences are not worth risking.


An absolute essential on any construction site, a safety helmet is a literal life-saver and should be a total non-negotiable. To stay safe, make sure your helmet is fully compliant with safety standard EN397, and that the impact resistance meets industry requirements. Again, this is an area where taking a risk is simply not an option.

Workwear Shoes

As with any good outfit, the shoes you choose can make or break the whole look, and so it is important to get them right! For tradies, a good, solid safety boot is essential, and there are a few features to consider when you are making your pick. Steel toe caps are crucial, and you should also select a midsole made of protective steel. The interior should be fully moulded to your foot for safety, and include a removable insole to ensure a secure fit and proper grip. The sole should be double density PU, and shock absorbent to keep you super safe on every job.

Brilliant trousers

Your choice of trouser-wear is also important, and there are two options available: shorts or trousers. Shorts are a perfect choice for staying safe and cool on a hot day or in heated environments, while trousers must be versatile and comfortable, covering your skin if required. Whichever your preference, you should make sure that the material is durable and can withstand a tough working environment – this will prove more cost-effective in the long run. Pockets are also a priority, so pick a product with plenty of storage to hold your essentials and keep them close.

Keep cosy & warm with uniforms for tradesmen


It is impossible to work and focus effectively if you are too cold in winter without proper clothing or uncomfortable, and so the right choice of jacket is as essential to your safety and comfort as it is your look. One of the most popular options is a work jacket that contains a microfleece lining, helping you to stay cosy even in the coolest temperatures. These are also lightweight, and so can be worn comfortably throughout the year without having a heavy bulk weigh you down, or risk overheating if you work up a sweat.

A gilet is also a top pick, and these can be ideal for offering an extra layer of protection when it is too cool to go without but too warm for a full-on fleece. Windproof and waterproof, they allow you to beat the chill while keeping arms free for a full range of movement.

As with trousers, make sure your jacket or outerwear choice includes plenty of pockets – you never know when you might need to have an essential supply close at hand, and having somewhere to hide snacks is obviously a key priority!

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