Boxing Club Clothing

Personalised Boxing Gear​:

All types of boxing garments and gear for boxers are available on Personalised and Printed. Other than embroidered boxing shorts which are a favourite – there are printed vests and tank tops for training, sparring and boxing competitions.

There are custom t-shirts for gym sessions and custom embroidered polos for post workouts at the club. You can also purchase sweatshirts and jackets of various types to ensure that workwear and uniforms for all weather conditions are covered.

Boxing Club Clothing

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Showing all 50 results


All of these garments can be further personalised with the club’s logo or badge embroidered on it. You can choose to get the logo or badge digitally printed as well. The members of your club will be promoting the club wherever they go.

Not Just Personalised Boxing Shorts…​

When we receive an order, we put in the effort to understand what your boxing club values most. We blend in the style with the appropriate garments.

The clothing brands we source the garments from are some of the leading brands in the United Kingdom, so there’s no compromise on quality.

You can place an order of 5 garments (minimum order) or place a bulk order of over 100 garments, the quality we deliver will be the same. But before you place an order take advantage of our free quotes to find out the various options available to you. You can take up to 30 days to make decision from the time the quotation is issued.

We can customise the following boxing gear with print or embroidery:​

  • Personalised Boxing T-Shirts​
  • Boxing Hoodies (Zip & Overhead)​
  • Boxing Gymsacs / Sports Holdalls​
  • Branded Boxing Vests​
  • Custom Boxing Shorts / Boxing Short Embroidery​
  • Caps, Beanies & Towels​
  • All the above can be fully customised with printing or embroidered workwear bundles.​