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Printing And Embroidery Services

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Printing and Embroidery Services

We want to guarantee you the best results possible when it comes to producing your custom order, which is why we offer six different methods of personalisation, allowing you to show off your brand or design with maximum impact. You might have an idea of your preferred method already, but if you’d like more information, we’d be happy to talk you through your options.
With our ultra modern and sophisticated machinery, Personalised and Printed provides a multitude of techniques to apply logos onto the garment of your liking. Our printing and embroidery machines will transform any garment you have with a logo of your choice. However, factors like the garment material need to be considered before you decide the application you want to use.
This brief guide will assist you with the method of customisation which will work best for you and we have compiled a few tips for each kind of logo application.
Add your Logo or Design to garments from £3.90 (with no setup fees) – Contact us or call us on 0191 666 1041 for a quote or to discuss requirements. Our general lead times for custom clothing is 5-10 working days, however we can accommodate urgent orders.

Logo Embroidery

There are a number of reasons that embroidered garments are ideal. It is the most popular choice for employers to give embroidered garments to their workforce to promote a strong identity for promoting their brand.
  • Long lasting, quality logos stitched on to your fabric
  • Ideal choice for uniform and workwear
  • demographic information such as postcode, prePopular for left chest and sleeve logos

The most popular method for getting your logo design on to clothing, a computerised sewing machine receives your logo, and turns it into an embroidery pattern. You can embroider multi colour design up to 15 colours, or stick to simple text, and our embroidery machines will get to work, stitching your logo directly on to the garment.

A metal frame is placed onto the garment in this technique to get the logo on it. The frame is backed by a piece of fabric on the printing area. This ensures the garment does not move when the logo is getting stitched. This could leave a mark on the fabric but it can be easily washed clean. A computerised embroidery machine carries out the actual embroidery process. It digitises the logo and submits it to the embroidery machine. The colour of the threads needs to be put in before the process can begin. We only use premium quality threads to guarantee the best quality results.

Embroidery works the best on business shirts/blouses, polo shirts, aprons/tabards, headwear and jackets, as well as thinner fabrics.


Getting a logo printed on a garment has several advantages. This technique can create unique and complex designs using bright colours, while also being extremely durable. Printed logos survive multiple washes with little to no damage to the logo.

We use premium quality printing machines and guarantee the best quality product which will leave you satisfied. We provide a host of printing techniques, depending on the complexity of the design you wish to create and the fabric type on which it will be printed. We primarily use screen print and transfer or DTG, which are explained more in detail above.

Screen Printing

  • A great choice for large designs
  • Better for larger quantities of printing (25+ units)
  • Maximum print area (40cm x 50cm)

One of the most traditional methods of printing onto fabric, this method has stood the test of time thanks to the durability of its results. Our software splits your design into its basic colours, each of which is applied to your fabric surface, colour layer by colour layer, through a thin mesh screen like a stencil. The result is a top quality finish, which also allows for accurate Pantone matching.

For a logo which has more vibrant colours, screen printing is the best choice as it will bring out the truest colours on the garment, without losing out on the details. This technique is advised if you wish to get the same print on multiple garments. 

Multi-coloured inks are used to create the logo in this technique. They are then applied to the fabric via mesh screens. The logo is separated into different colours for every screen. A heat lamp will be used on each of the colours and it will undergo a drying process to ensure that the colours do not wear or wash out easily. 

Digital Printed Logo Transfers

  • Works really well with full colour digital images
  • Small to medium quantities work best
  • Generally left chest logos

This high tech method lets you transfer detailed images like photos onto fabrics. Your image is printed on to specialist vinyl with inks, where the design can then be contour cut to shape and then applied onto fabric using heat technology. The bright colours sit neatly on the fabric surface, with a crisp and sharp finish, which shows every detail.

Direct to Garment Printing

  • Ideal for printing colourful complex designs
  • Best for low to medium quantities of printing

DTG works by individually loading the items you want to print on into a special printer, and uploading your design into its memory. DTG uses CMYK inks to print onto fabric of any colour, functioning in a similar way to an inkjet printer. 

It never permeates the fabric surface, thanks to a pre-printing spray, so your design stays as bold as you intended. DTG is a great choice if you’re printing onto bright coloured material, because the DTG printer can start by creating a white base to print on to.

Direct to garment printing, or DTG, is one where the ink is applied onto the fabric directly. For ensuring that the print is of the highest quality, a specialised printer is needed with a particular type of ink that is absorbed easily by the garment fibres. 

A fixing agent is applied to the entire fabric before the production begins to ensure that the colour sticks to the garments. Because of this, the garment will require getting washed a few times before it is worn, for the smell of the fixing agent to fade away. 

Complex logos which have multiple colours are best suited for this printing technique. For a fast turn around, typically when there is a large design with several colours, this technique is best suited. T-shirts and hoodies are perfect garments to try this technique on.

CAD Cut Vinyl Transfers

  • Ideal for simple, bold, single colour designs like text and logos
  • Small to medium quantities can be produced easily
  • Great for football numbers and basic logos

The best solution if you’re looking for a cost effective, bold print. Our machine cuts your design from one sheet of single coloured vinyl, and the pieces are applied to your item of clothing, before being heat sealed on. This quick, easy method is great for T shirts for memorable events, and as the vinyl never permeates the fabric, no vibrancy of your fabric colour is lost.

The final technique for printing on fabrics is through transferring prints onto them directly. The best example of this technique are the numbers and names fixed at the back of football shirts. 

  • A vinyl sheet is carefully cut into the requisite shape of the design or logo. 
  • The design is flipped over and applied onto the garment into the desired position. 
  • It is finally sealed in place with heat onto the garment with a heat press.

This method is best suited for less complex designs which do not have too many colours. Typically, a design with 1-2 colours would be applied to a garment with this method. It is suitable for when lesser number of orders need to be fulfilled. Apart from thick fabrics like fleece and wool, vinyl transfer is suited to a majority of garments and we recommend this for hi-vis garments.

Sublimation Printing

  • High tech, high impact fabric printing
  • Can be printed in low, medium high quantities
  • Ideal for full colour logos or designs

This scientific method really does give amazing results. We print your design onto specialist paper, which is then applied to your item of clothing using both pressure and heat. The heating changes the ink into gas, which bonds it to the polyester product. With the ink now incorporated into the strands of material, it’s as if the design was woven in to the fabric from the start. It’s incredibly versatile, and can be used for everything from t shirts, aprons and bags.

If you’d like to know more, or have any further questions, have a chat with one of our professional team at Personalised And Printed. However you want to customise your clothing, we’ve got a way to bring your ideas to life. Come and speak to us in Monkseaton or give us a call on 0191 666 1041. We have local clients throughout the borough in Whitley Bay, Wallsend, Killingworth, Northshields and also 100’s of organisations, clubs and schools whom trust us with their brand throughout the United Kingdom.

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