What personalisation options can be used with polo shirts?

There are several printing options available for our custom printed and embroidered polo shirts. These include embroidery, screen printing, DTG (direct to garment), vinyl print, digital transfers, and badges. Each of these methods have unique qualities and applications. 


Embroidery is the use of needle and thread to create a design or logo. This method gives you a three-dimensional look and looks very classy and professional. We can use up to 15 colours in a design, along with choices of embroidery on the collar, front, back and along the sleeves. Pricing is based on the number of stitches.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is done by printing one colour at a time onto fabric or almost any surface.

A series of meshes or stencils are used to limit each colour transfer to its specific area of the design. With this process there are quite a few garment printing inks that we may use, depending on the specific requirements of the job. Precise alignment is important so that the colours line up properly and create the exact image desired.

Screen printing is typically better for large designs that embroidery. Once a run is set up, this is an economical polo shirt printing option for large jobs. Because of the cost and time involved in setting up these jobs, we require a 25 garment minimum order.

DTG - Direct to Garment

Direct to garment printing uses a special ink jet technology to spray various colours via a print head.

The process requires the use of a pre-treatment machine to allow for a strong bond between the ink and the fabric, smooth the fabric for better printing, and facilitate drying and curing of the ink.

DTG is a digital printing process that provides a sharper resolution of the desired image in a full range of colours.

Because there is no prolonged setup with this process, it is ideal for small printing jobs of just a few garments. Direct to garment printing uses water-based inks that work best on natural fabrics such as cotton. As such, we only use this process for cotton polo shirts.

Vinyl Printing

This this method uses heat and pressure. We use a machine to cut one or more pieces of coloured self-adhesive vinyl to precise sizes and shapes and then press and stick them to the polo shirt using a heat transfer process.

Digital Transfers

This method allows for higher resolution of images but is better for printing on white or light-coloured fabrics as the ink is not as thick as with screen printing. It is ideal for small print runs that require a lot of detail.

Woven Badges & Applique Badges

Badges come in two types. 

Woven badges have a very smooth and clean finish and glue on the back. They are fixed to the garment using pressure and heat. 

An applique badge has a textured finish and is sewed onto the polo shirt by an embroidery machine using an outline stitch. We commonly recommend woven badges for high volume polo shirt logo orders.

Choosing the Best Polo Shirt Printing Option for You

At Personalised and Printed we offer a large selection of polo shirts and a full range of printing options. Aside from deciding on the best print method for your requirements, another step might be to consider what kind of polo shirt collar you will need. Whether you simply want your staff to look professional in custom polo shirts or are using them as promotional items, our staff of printing experts will make your task easy.

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