What Materials Are Polo Shirts Made From?

Finding the right material for your personalised polo shirts is important to ensuring that you and those wearing the shirts are as comfortable as possible. There are three main materials that polo shirts are commonly made from, each of which come with their own positive benefits and negatives.

Below we have listed and explained the three different types of polo shirts we are able to provide.

Cotton Polo Shirts

Cotton has been commonly used in clothing for millennia, and for good reason. It’s warm, soft, lightweight and breathable, which makes cotton polo shirts great for manual labour and warm environments.

We recommend cotton polo shirts as they are often best used in and around the workplace.

Polyester Polo Shirts

Polyester is a newer material that is commonly used in gym clothing and worn by athletes or generally “sporty” people.

Compared to other materials, Polyester polo shirts provide a smooth texture and allow for a highly-breathable clothing item. Again, this is great for the workplace, often used more so in labour-based work. Fantastic for events such as marathons.

Cotton/Polyester Blended polo shirts

Often the best pick for all uses across a range of workplaces, events and general areas of need. The 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester is often breathable but also provides warmth in the cold.

And while cotton alone is not as stretchable, the blended polo shirts certainly are. While also hosting the tear-resistant properties of a cotton polo shirt. Providing an incredibly comfortable fit for all uses in and around the workplace.

Often slightly more pricey than either polyester or cotton shirts alone, the blended polo shirt certainly makes up for that with ease and is able to adapt to fit any needs.

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