Custom Polo Shirt Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best polo shirt brands?

The most popular custom polo brands are as follows:

Russell polo shirts are suitable for workplaces, promotional events and even casual wear for both men and women.

PRO RTX offers professional, durable yet affordable workwear, and adds a range of new high-quality garments and in a range of colours every year. From stylish and comfortable polos to softshell jackets and durable trousers, the Pro RTX collection is ideal for building a long-lasting uniform.

Gildan’s Ultra Cotton t-shirt 2000 are some of the best-selling polo shirts because of the comfort level and quality of materials used. Often one of the most comfortable and durable shirts for labour-based jobs.

AWDis uses the hugely successful Neoteric textured fabric with UPF 30 UV protection for those working outside. This material is often soft to the touch and fast-drying, making it a great choice for warmer weather.

Fruit of the Loom is a well-known brand known for providing 100% medium-weight cotton Pique polo shirts. The polo shirts are among the most comfortable and are available in a range of colours and an even larger range of sizes.

GameGear uses fabrics with technical properties. The detail on the shirts provided by GameGear is often among the best quality, being perfect for a range of uses from workouts, fitness, and labour-based jobs.

What are the different polo shirt fabrics?

There are mostly two types of fabric used in polo shirts.

Pique often provides a more breathable fabric, best used in gym wear and warm environments. The breathability is down to the texture weaves which create a durable but slightly heavier fabric.

Jersey: Jersey is often a smoother fabric that has a “stretchy” property. When compared to Pique it is a lighter fabric also being popular for activewear and sports.

How to Wash Polo Shirts?

Because polo shirts are crafted from separate fibres (unless 100% cotton), washing should be done with extra care.

Always read the label on the inside of the shirt to ensure that your washing machine is not too cold or too hot.

Generally washing at around 30-50 degrees is a good choice. Alongside using washing powder and softener, it’s also recommended to wash only with similar colours.

How often should you wash polo shirts?

This really depends on how often you’re wearing the shirt. Washing too much can fade the colours, so generally once every week (depending on how often it’s being used) is a good bet.

Do polo shirts shrink?

100% cotton polo shirts shrink if being washed in hot conditions.
Polyester polo shirts do not shrink in normal circumstances.
Taking care when setting the temperature for washing the shirts can prevent shrinkage.

How do you keep polo shirts looking new?

Taking care of your shirt is a simple answer. You can do this by washing and drying as recommended on the label. Ironing the polo shirts is often also a good practice.

What side should a logo go on a polo shirt?

The left side is a popular choice by companies, however, the choice is up to you. We can place a logo on left, right or chest. We can also print or embroider on the back, sleeve or collar.

Where do you put the logo on a polo shirt?

Where you put your company logo on a polo shirt is entirely up to you, but most people opt for the right side of the chest much like sports team branding.

For events and such, often it’s a great idea to print the logo on the back. In an office environment, the chest is the best option.

How should a polo shirt fit?

Neck –A polo shirt should allow enough room for a few fingers to fit between the shirt collar and your neck with the top button done up.

Sleeves – The sleeves should reach down to around your mid-bicep and have a loose fit on your arm.

Body – You should be able to pinch 1 to 2 inches of fabric on either side of your stomach when wearing a perfect fitting polo shirt.

Length – The shirt should end just below the belt line to allow for you to tuck it in or leave it out as a preference.

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