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Uniforms for Gardeners and those in the Gardening Trade. Personalise with your printed or embroidered logo!

As a professional gardener, it’s essential to have a uniform that is not only practical for your line of work but also helps in branding and promoting your services. Personalised and Printed is a renowned supplier that caters specifically to gardeners and those in the gardening trade, offering a wide range of workwear uniforms that can be customized to suit your needs.

Their extensive collection includes an array of gardening and horticulture clothes, designed to provide both comfort and durability. You can choose from branded coveralls, polo shirts, fleece jackets and coats, body warmers, and much more, ensuring that you have the right attire for every season and task. What’s particularly appealing is the option to personalize these items with your printed or embroidered logo, turning your workwear into a powerful marketing tool.

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Top Quality Workwear for Gardeners

As a professional gardener or horiculturist, you are constantly surrounded by beauty and nature.

But part of the job also means your gardening clothes are often covered in mud. You may have to select dull colours to wear to work so you do not spoil your clothes.

Even if you have a uniform, it is likely a dull grey or a brown so the mud does not do as much damage to your attire. In other words, as a gardener, you do not have much choice left when it comes to choosing your attire. But this does not mean that you cannot enjoy what you wear.

Custom Gardening Workwear

You can wear your name and logo with pride and create professional gardeners clothing. You can any regular polo or fleece, but if it has your personalised logo embroidered on it you can go to work with even more pride.

Choose the garment of your liking, decide if you want to print your logo with our logo application services, or embroidered, get a quote and talk to our team today!

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