Ideas For Hoodies

If you are not sure about what kind of hoodie to buy or how to personalise it, browse our large selection for ideas. Start by choosing a style (zipped or overhead) and then decide if embroidery will work the best or if you want a printed name and logo on your personalised hoodie.

Unisex Hoodies

These are good choices for many situations. At Personalised and Printed we can design these however you like with the name of your company or team or nicknames.

Mens Hoodies

Any of the hoodies in our large men’s selection can be personalised to fit your exact needs and style.

Womens Hoodies

For your team, work group, or entire company, a personalised women’s hoodie can be a great idea and they will look great too.

Kids Hoodies

We carry many kid’s hoodies in stock. Take look to see what fits your needs for sports teams or for the entire school.

Work Hoodies

Work hoodies are a great idea for company outings or when work takes your staff in and out of the cold. Personalise these with your company name and logo and they help maintain a professional look as well. We will embroider or print these for each department or for your entire company.

Leavers Hoodies

Although leavers hoodies are meant to be worn, they are also meant to be cherished as mementoes of school or college days. The usual leavers hoodie design includes an embroidered college crest on the left chest and a print covering much of the back with the year and names. A unique idea is to use an applique for the college name on the front of the hoodie and one of our templates on the back to print all of the names.

Society Hoodies

This hoodie is meant to be worn, lived in and slept in when at university. Or, it is a hoodie that announces to the world what you are passionate about. Either way, this will be a special hoodie that you will cherish forever. At Personalised and Printed we can make this hoodie the best ever.

For example, we can create an impressive print that is unique to each year, making these hoodies collectors’ items. Our design staff can help you with ideas and come up with the ideal solution for you.

Sports Hoodies

Although these hoodies are excellent for sports teams and for other leisure activities, they are an excellent choice for active jobs as well. Because they have a higher percentage of polyester than cotton they breathe very well whether you are at the gym or on the job. At Personalised and Printed we print attractive designs on both front and back for your sports team or company. We generally use something clean and simple as that will make your hoodie stand out more.

Tour Hoodies

These are a good choice when your group or team is on tour and would like to be recognised. And, they are ideal when you will be in and out of cool weather. These hoodies are functional and will make all of you look sharp. When we create your design we can choose something that helps commemorate your trip as well as adding individual names.

Zip Hoodies

Zip hoodies are easy to put on and take off and offer unique opportunities for creative designs. For example, we can create something that looks good on each side and even better when your hoodie is zipped up! A well-chosen symmetrical design can look very impressive.

Two-Tone Hoodies

This is a basic but very effective way to have a good-looking hoodie. These hoodies can come with draw cords, inner hoods, or sleeves. Choose the right colour combination and you will really stand out wherever you are. We will personalise your two-tone hoodie with the colour used for contrast for a striking look.

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