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How Workwear Can Increase Staff Productivity!

There’s a growing trend with companies, especially those in the tech industry, of allowing employees to wear work clothing that is more casual while relaxing the overall dress code. Does permitting your employees to wear casual clothing that is more relaxed lead to an overall attitude that is more relaxed or casual? There are some that definitely think so.

The Uni Study into Workwear & Getting On With Work

The University of Hertfordshire recently did a study that demonstrated that individuals who wear more casual clothing to work may find it difficult to keep their work attitude and their casual attitude separate, which may then have a negative impact on their ability to focus on their tasks, as well as their overall productivity.

This may be caused by the state of mind that more casual clothing puts one in, instead of the custom workwear itself, but it still suggests a link between the clothing worn to work and overall productivity. Studies also suggest that this process can work in reverse, as well, with employees feeling more stressed outside of their job if they stay in work clothing while at home.

This has not been scientifically proven, and there are numerous individuals that will instead state that wearing more casual clothing in the office will increase productivity, as employees feel more confident in comfortable clothing. Large companies like Facebook seem to share this view, insisting that allowing their employees to wear casual clothing to work helps them stay focused on the important decisions that they need to make during the day.

Work Dress Code & Productiveness

Others, however, argue that the dress code itself has no impact on productivity. They instead believe that if workers are happy, their productivity will increase, no matter what type of clothing they wear to do the work.

Basically, there’s no scientific evidence to clearly link dress code and productivity, whether the clothes are casual or smart. It winds up being an individual choice for each company, with the higher ups deciding what best suits their corporate environment. You’ll have to determine on your own if your company is able to opt for more casual attire, or if it’s more important that your employees be smart and professional at all times. Regardless of the decision, it’s most important that you keep the workforce in good spirits, as that’s the one thing that has been clearly linked to improved productivity.

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