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How to style the humble work hoodie?

There is no doubt about it when it comes to the most popular workwear clothing choices; the personalised work hoodie has to rank pretty high on anyone's list. The perfect choice for a business requiring outdoor work, in unheated areas such as factories or construction areas, and everything in between, this is a seemingly innocuous clothing choice designed to hide all manner of sins. 

So often seen as a casual item, is there any way to really rock a hoodie and stay stylish? As you may have already worked out, the question is rhetorical, we have plenty of ways to help you stay stylish while at work, and we are going to let you know all about them right here.

Styling The Custom Hoodie & Finding your tone

As with any item of clothing, the most important consideration is colour. There is no way you can rock a hoodie (or anything) if the colour you choose is totally wrong for your company style, logo branding and colour.

As a general rule, those with olive skin are pretty much guaranteed to look great in most shades, while darker hues tend to suit vibrant, strong, jewel colours such as emerald green or strong blue. 

At the other end of the scale, if you’re occasionally jealous of the tan boasted by Casper the ghost, you should stay away from super pastel shades, as these can make you look washed out. Instead, focus on earth tones, and anything from the green line. Keep this in mind when buying for staff.

Your eye colour can also make a difference, especially if you pick a complementary shade. Blue eyes really pop with blue (no brainer), and a light green or olive can help to highlight your eyes. Golds and oranges are also good for these guys. If you are blessed with dark eyes, try a bold red or rich, autumnal brown to help highlight the colour, and stay away from pastels, which can make your peepers appear dull.

The idea is to experiment until you find a shade that really works for your company and use this as the base of your work uniform choices. This simple trick will help everything you wear instantly look better on your employees – even something as casual as one of our contrast hoodies, which come in 50+ colour choices!

Pick The Ideal Shape Personalised Hoodie

You may believe that all hoodies were created equal, but this is far from the case. There are two main shapes; a pullover style or a zipper hoodie. Both have their own pros and cons, and the chances are that one will look better on your body shape than the other.

If your staff are mainly among the lucky few with a ‘typical’ shape, it is a good idea to pick a zipper hoodie – there is a risk that a pullover will leave you looking boxy and shapeless. Smaller frames tend to look great in either style and if you have broad shoulders, an overhead hoodie can really help to balance you out. Again, the trick is to try an array of styles until you find the one which sticks.

Be Clever With Custom Hoodie Designs

The placement of designs and logos will also affect the overall look of your hoodie and need to be carefully considered to help make sure you look your best. You’ll also need to decide on the printing process for hoodies

If you are looking to draw attention away from a particular feature, it is best to pick a design that doesn’t highlight this – for example, if you don’t want to draw attention to your chest, avoid a style which splashes a logo all across this area! Large patterns or overt branding can also drop the level of a look, so be selective, and remember that sometimes, less is more. Being selective with your logo designs also helps those you do pick yo stand out for all the right reasons. Our top 5 tips for creating your company logo may be of benefit.

Using a hoodie as part of a work uniform – pick your battles

A hoodie can look seriously great, but it is important to make sure that it balances the rest of your uniform. As a rule, hoodies are baggier and sit loosely on the body, and so can be a perfect contrast to a pair of work trousers. To help the look come together, try avoiding wearing your hoodie with a pair of baggy tracksuit bottoms; this can look a little unprofessional.

When worn correctly, there is no reason a hoodie can’t look professional and be worn with pride and confidence. With just a few simple adjustments, you can make sure that you still look presentable, all while staying warm, dry, and comfortable – this is a clothing choice with few downsides.

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