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How To Choose The Right Weight For A Polo Shirt

You might have noticed on many of the custom polo shirts that are part of our range that the product descriptions have the letters GSM, which are preceded by numbers that usually range from 50 to 200+ (eg 220GSM, 75GSM). In case you don’t know, those are not just random letters and numbers, it is the weight of the shirt and you should consider it when deciding which work polo shirt is best for you.

Which GSM work polo is best?

GSM is short for grams per square meter. So the higher the GSM number is, the denser the fabric is on the polo shirt. Usually, the fabric weight is determined by the way the fabric has been woven, what kind of fibre has been used, and what finish has been used on the garment. Those are all of the factors that can help you when you are choosing a polo shirt since most of the weights will be better suited for certain environments compared to others.

Basically, there are three categories of fabric weights: Heavyweight, Medium weight, and Lightweight. Lightweight garments are less than 100GSM. Medium weight garments range from 100GSM to 200GSM. Heavyweight garments are over 200GSM.

Although the fabric weight can help you to select the best polo shirt for your needs, you should not assume that a high GSM also means that it will be a better quality, thicker fabric. Although normally fabric weight does mean a fabric it thicker, that is not always true. Thickness may also be affected by the kind of fibre that is used and the way it was woven.

The weight of fabric also doesn’t always determine the fabric’s quality. For example, there are some polo shirts that have been woven using yarns and fibres that are finer than normal. That would result in a lightweight garment, but it would have a premium, high quality feel to it as well.

We have a wide range of polo shirts that are available. If you are searching for polo shirts for employee workwear or staff uniforms, we have a wide range of heavy, medium, and light weight fabrics that are well suited for a variety of workplaces.

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