Choosing Between Print or Embroidery

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It can be hard to choose whether you want to get embroidery or print anytime that you order personalised company garments. That’s because every process comes with its own advantages and disadvantages depending on you need the garments for. We’ve assembled this guide in order to help you choose just which method of personalisation is best for you.

The Printing Process

We utilise a variety of printing methods in order to produce our customisations, including embroidery, screen printing, direct to garment (DTG), vinyl transfer and full colour digital transfers. The printing methods which we choose are usually based on the specific garment you pick plus the artwork that you upload. For instance, single-coloured designs might be best with vinyl printing, whereas DTG printing is better for more intricate and multi-coloured designs. Also, there are some garments which are just better-suited to particular printing methods than others are. For instance, many jackets really only prove suitable for embroidery methods, so embroidering or vinyl might be used instead.

Once you upload your artwork and the order gets processed, then one of our expert artwork specialists will choose which method is going to be best for you.

Printing Advantages

  1. Great For Big DesignsIf you have large customisation to be done, then print is the right way to go. We can print artwork as much as 30 centimetres in width, so printing is ideal for clothing that you want to really make a statement, be it charity fund-raising activities, promotional events, or even things like stag and hen parties.
  2. Also Great For Really Intricate DesignsIf you have really intricate artwork, like a photograph with plenty of colour and detail or a hand-drawn design, then print is also a great choice. We have DTG printers that mirror highly advanced ink-jet printers, which thus have the capability of producing high-calibre and vibrant customisations which are useful for intricate designs.
  3.  Cheaper Than Embroidery
    Whereas embroidery customisations mandate a single set-up fee of £9.99, printing has no such fee. As such, if you need garments for a one-time event, then printing can be better to choose since you’ll have lower prices as compared to embroidery. On the other hand, if you need customised garments on a regular basis, then embroidery might be a better way to go since it traditionally has more durability than print.

Quality Workwear Embroidery

This involves the sewing of a design into or onto a garment. Right now, we utilise modern industrial embroidery machinery for a professional finish. Our team of artwork specialists redraw your design manually into formats that our embroidery machines can read.

Embroidery Advantages

  1. Durability
    Traditionally speaking, embroidery is far more durable than print is, meaning that the embroidery is likely to last as long as the garment does. As such, if you want to customise any garment that’s going to be used quite regularly, like team-wear or work-wear, and your design isn’t too big (such as smaller than 15 centimetres), then embroidery might be the way to go.
  2.  High-Calibre FinishA lot of customers tend to choose embroidery if they are creating work uniforms, since it gives their garments smart and professional appearance. Embroidery looks especially professional when you pair it with our hats, printed hoodies, jackets, fleeces, and shirts, especially the polo shirts.
  3.  Multiple Colours At No Charge

The industrial embroidery machinery we have lets us utilise various thread colours when customising a garment. If you have a sports team crest or company logo which uses multiple colours, then embroidery is going to look great, and there’s no additional cost to this.

All in all, when you decide whether you would like to have embroidery or printing, then you need to consider three questions:

  • First, what is the final purpose of the garment?
  • Second, how complicated is the design?
  • Third, what kind of garment do you hope to have?

All this ultimately helps you choose embroidery or print over the other. Feel free to contact us for any guidance in choosing a garment that is custom to what your staff need.


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