Guide to Polo Shirt Collars​

Polo shirts are perfect for lots of different requirements.

Be it through work, personal, promotional or other uses. Ensuring that your chosen custom polo shirt has the right details, weight, material and that it doesn’t cost an extortionate price is also important.

An equally important and often overlooked detail to consider when looking at polo shirts are the collars. What may be surprising for some is that there’s a variety of collar types, three of which we’ll detail here below.

Knitted collars

Knitted collars are some of the strongest and most sturdy collars available. Usually these are woven in as part of the polo shirt and sometimes can include patters knitted into the collar. These collar styles are often used in a smart/casual workplace environment like an office or warehouse.

Self-fabric collars

These crowd-pleasing styles of collar are crafted from the same high-quality material used for the rest of the polo shirt. This creates a single colour from bottom to top for your uniform polo shirt, often being more comfortable than other styles of collar. The self-fabric style of collar looks more professional and recommended for use in the workplace, excellent for retail and manual labour jobs.

Contrast collars

This style of collar is like that of the knitted collars.

Often used in workplaces, they provide an excellent solution to a smart/casual workplace uniform enforced environment. The collars display a contrast between two colours, often black and white, or grey and white, which often makes for excellent branded clothing.

All three of these snazzy-looking collar styles can be purchased in a buttoned-down style. With our polo shirts, you’ll be adding professionalism and style to your business that everyone will remember. Our polo shirts can offer a professional and stylish look to any organisation, event or your wardrobe.

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