Lifeguard Uniforms

Embroidered Lifeguard Uniforms​

Printed or embroidered lifeguard uniforms from Personalised and Printed​.

We can personalise the following lifeguard apparel:

  • Custom Lifeguard Polo Shirts
  • Personalised Lifeguard Fleeces
  • Embroidered Lifeguard Caps
  • Lifeguard Jackets
  • Lifeguard Bags & Sports Holdalls
  • Lifeguard T Shirts
  • Lifeguard Shorts
  • Personalised Lifeguard Hoodies (Zip & Overhead)
  • All the above can be fully customised with printing or custom embroidery.

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Showing 1–52 of 137 results


Printed Lifeguard Uniforms from P&P

We create custom uniforms for lifeguards, with embroidered or printed logos. We have worked with a number of lifeguard associations in the United Kingdom.

Lifeguards need to be on full alert at all times during their shift in order to respond quickly to a call for help. At the same time, lifeguards often spend hours alone. Professionally embroidered lifeguard uniforms make them feel they are part of a bigger mission and connects them with other lifeguards.

We provide a variety of suitable garments. For the summer months we have vests and t-shirts, for spring and autumn we have polo shirts and sweatshirts and for chilly days we have fleece jackets. We also provide high visibility clothing, which are important for lifeguards.

Custom Lifeguard Clothing – Get A Quote!​​

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