Hi Vis Clothing

Get noticed with custom printed hi visibility clothing from personalised and printed. Manufactured with fabrics which are EN671 class 2 compliant and CE marked with reflective banding for safety.

Our printed high visibility vests, waistcoats, hi-vis jackets and tops are available in X small to 4XL, in neon orange or yellow and can be printed with your branding in any colour, our most popular colour is black printing.

Hi Vis Clothing and Safety Workwear - Personalised and Printed

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Showing 1–52 of 134 results

Browse our range of hi vis workwear and safety clothing which can be personalised, including durable and waterproof options, below or give us a call. 0191 666 1041 to discuss.

Hi-Vis Workwear & Safety Clothing

We have hand picked our range of hi visibility clothing so your staff can be seen in low light and well protected from the elements. We have hi vis t-shirts, polos, hi vis hoodies, vests, jackets & coats, and reflective safety clothing.

Personalised Hi Vis Clothing

Branded with your company name! We have a no minimum order for our range of hi vis workwear. Choose quality printing or logo embroidery on our hi vis garments.

Ideal for construction workwear for builders, gardeners or anyone wanting to be noticed. For many organisations and businesses, hi-vis clothing is a popular type of PPE (personal protective equipment) with bright fabric and highly reflective banding which allows a person to stand out against a background or object and assist in preventing incidents. Many companies make it compulsory to wear printed hi-vis vests and clothing like hi vis jackets and shirts in certain working environments.

Health & Safety Valid High Visibility Clothing

In the UK, our H&S regulations stipulate that anyone working in low visibility areas, where there is a risk of not being seen, high visibility workwear must be worn.

If you would like to discuss hi-viz clothing & uniform requirements, please contact our team on 0191 666 1041 or complete our enquiry form.

Hi Vis Clothing FAQ

Commonly asked questions about our durable, waterproof, en iso 20471 certified range of hi vis workwear before you decide to buy.

What is a high visibility vest used for?

A high visibility vest is often used by road workers, railway workers and anyone that wants to be seen more clearly in both the day and night.

How do high vis jackets work?

During the day, when the sun rays hit the high visibility jacket’s fluorescent material, it creates a glowing effect. At night time, when light hits the reflective strips on the vest, it bounces off creating a glowing effect.

What colours are considered high visibility?

The colours often used in high visibility are known as neon. hi vis vests and other workwear can come in neon colours like blue, pink, yellow, orange, green and more.

When should you wear a high visibility vest?

High visibility vests Durable hi vis vests or other hi vis workwear clothing are required most commonly within construction work, especially if the company policy enforces it.

High-Vis Vests need to be worn if the area of work involves vehicles and vehicle operation.

What are hi vis jackets made of?

Hi Vis Jackets, usually include, for the reflective parts either glass bead reflective tape or micro-prismatic tape.

Glass bead reflective tape, being the more common of the two is used often in high visibility clothing for commercial needs. Being affordable they are easily sourced; however, they lack in reflectiveness when compared to the other.

Micro-prismatic tape, on the other hand, is a newer design which directs light in a concentrated direction and holds the light intensity very well.

Why is Orange High Vis?

While both yellow and orange high visibility jackets are known to provide visibility that’s adequate for health and safety. Orange high visibility vests or other hi vis workwear clothing are often used on the rail line to avoid confusion with the yellow and green train signals.

Do you have to wear hi vis?

This depends on your company’s policy, Hi Visibility clothing may be required.

It’s always required if:

  • Areas where forklifts are being operated.
  • Areas with little to or no light at all.
  • Workplaces where waterproof hi vis vests and other workwear are needed include areas where vehicles are passing or mobile.

How often should you replace high visibility clothing?

Depending on the amount of use, we recommend you replace your high visibility clothing once it stops being visible from 300 meters away in either night or day time. Replacing your hi vis workwear clothing, such as hi vis vests or trousers, is recommended if they become damaged, worn, or faded.

Why do we wear hi vis jackets?

High visibility jackets are worn as a cheap solution to ensure that staff working in environments where they need to be seen, are seen. Hi vis jackets act as an extra level of safety for people that need to be seen.

What is en471?

EN471 is a class-based standard for high vis clothing within Europe. Requirements for the range of hi vis workwear are ranked from class 1 to 3, with each class listing different clothing requirements for different situations.

Class 1 is advised for anyone working on a private road and requires 2 meters of 5cm wide reflective tape on the hi vis workwear clothing, such as trousers or vests.
Class 2 states that 2.6 meters of 5cm wide reflective tape is needed for delivery drivers and those working on roads classed A or B.

Class 3 is the highest tier and requires at least 4 meters of reflective tape, 5cm wide. For motorways, airports and dual-carriageways.