Hoodies Vs Sweatshirts: Which comes out on top?

If you are undecided on which is the best workwear garment for your staff between sweatshirts & hoodies – this article should help you decide once and for all!

To help us reach the ultimate verdict, we have compared these two rivals in the major categories of work & business, so let’s see how they stack up…

Which is the most comfortable garment?

When it comes to comfort, the personalised hoodie is a clear winner. No other item of clothing allows such complete coverage, offering a perfect sanctuary in which to work, stay warm, or simply put on and get on with your daily work tasks. 

While there is no doubt that printed sweatshirts, by their very nature, are comfortable enough, hoodies are generally worn a size larger, offering extra room.

Winner: Hoodies

Which is the most professional-looking?

We are not suggesting that you rock up to a black-tie event in either of these items, but sweatshirts have a slight advantage in this category. 

A plain sweatshirt can look slightly more dressy and sophisticated than the humble hoodie, which tends to look like leisure wear, however expensive the jeans you wear it with may be. 

In addition, a sweatshirt paired with a high collar can actually veer the look into semi-smart – a feat that cannot be achieved by a hoodie.

Winner: Sweatshirt

Versatility of hoodies vs sweatshirts

Hoodies are the clear winner when we look at the versatility of these two items. They can be ideal for the gym, a perfect accompaniment for a hike, great for lounging around the house and worn on a casual trip to the shop. In addition, hoodies are perfect for layering, and can negate the need to add a hat to your outfit thanks to the built-in hood!

Winner: Hoodie

Are hoodies warmer than sweatshirts?

This is a category that can depend mainly on the particular product in question; a hoodie offers the option to layer different items of clothing to build warmth, while a sweatshirt can have a warmer fleece lining for added comfort. Overall, these are both brilliant choices to stay toasty in adverse weather.

Winner: Draw


Sometimes, you just want to take the chance to really put your own stamp on your clothing, and have an opportunity to express your identity. Here, hoodies are the clear winners; there are a range of ways you can personalise your hoodie, and make it really unique to your company. Whether you are leaving school and need a leavers hoodie, starting a sports team, or heading on a girl’s group holiday, there is nothing that says good time like designing and purchasing matching hoodies.

Winner: Hoodies

The Final Verdict...

There is no denying that sweatshirts offer a number of benefits, and are a great choice if you are looking to stay cosy. In most major categories, however, it is clear that hoodies seem to reign supreme! From offering a chance to express your individuality to doubling as a an extra layer if needs be, you only need to get your hands on a single hoodie, and you are set for any occasion which may arise.

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