Tips for Choosing Hoodie Styles

If you are uncertain about what style of hoodie to pick, don’t despair. Follow the useful tips in our guide to hoodie styles. We can help you choose colours that look best on you and provide tips to keeping your hoodie looking great whether it’s a printed hoodie or logo embroidered.

Men's Hoodies

Browse our large selection for the personalised men’s hoodies at suits you taste. You can even design your own.

Women's Hoodies

Look good on a group holiday or while playing sports. Personalised women’s hoodies are functional and attractive.

Kid's Hoodies

For kids who are leaving school or any purpose, our large selection of kid’s hoodies has something for everyone.

Guide to Hoodie Colours

We have a full range of colours in stock for hoodies. We can provide anything from black and white to 50+ colours, as we have in this contrast hoodie.

Choosing Colours That Match

Although you may pick a pair of colours that look good separately, they may or may not complement each other on a hoodie. A useful approach is to use a colour wheel. Colours that sit opposite each other on the wheel are typically complementary and will look great together on your hoodie. And, if you are uncertain, we will be pleased to help you choose!

Colour Combination Hoodies

Many of our hoodies come in two colours. Depending on the style that suits you, this can be as simple as a different colour inside the hood or on the arms or zipper and toggles of a different colour.

Hoodie Designs That Work

If you have a smaller logo, embroidering it on the chest area looks good. From a traditional university crest to simple text, we can supply as much detail and colour as needed. The best embroidery companies are those that provide work in the greatest detail. Personalised and Printed will give you the best in a classy look with the best embroidery.

If your logo or other design is simple, applique is a good choice. A single letter cut out of a piece of fabric is stitched onto your hoodie and will look great. This is the iconic “American” look from decades ago and it still works today.

Tying Hoodie String

If you become annoyed by your hoodie strings dangling in front of your hoodie, tie them with a loose loop knot so they are out of the way but so you can undo the loop and tie the strings together if you need to.

Picking Hoodie Sizes

Don’t overlook this part. If you get the sizes wrong, half of your team or work group will have hoodies that are too small for them and the other half will look like they are playing dress up in mother’s or father’s old clothes! A good rule of thumb is to choose a size that allows for one under layer. If you like a looser fit and a little insurance against weight gain, pick one size larger.

Folding Your Hoodie

Hold the hoodie up facing you. Then fold each arm back so that they run along the back of your hoodie. Then fold in half top to bottom. This is the best way to avoid crumples.

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