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Our Guide to Yoko Workwear

Explore Yoko Workwear for High Visibility and Safety: Step into the world of Yoko Workwear, designed to enhance your safety with high-visibility clothing that meets rigorous safety standards. Available for order in the UK with various delivery options, Yoko offers you a range of reflective garments engineered to ensure that you stand out in all lighting and weather conditions. Discover our selection of hi-vis vests, jackets, trousers, and accessories that are essential for construction, road work, and any environment where visibility is paramount.

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Yoko: A Brief Overview

Yoko are specialists in high-visibility safety wear that combines functionality with comfort and durability. Each piece is constructed to provide maximum visibility and safety while maintaining comfort and ease of movement, making them ideal for demanding work conditions. Customising your Yoko workwear with your company logo or safety messages is straightforward, enhancing not only visibility but also professional appearance and brand identity. Whether you're equipping a construction crew or enhancing the safety gear of a road team, Yoko’s garments are designed to meet your needs.

Key Products from Yoko Workwear

  • Yoko Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket: This durable, waterproof bomber jacket ensures you remain visible and dry. It features a heavy-duty zipper front, multiple storage pockets, and a warm quilted lining, perfect for adverse weather conditions.
  • Yoko Hi-Vis Waistcoat: A versatile and essential piece for any safety-conscious professional, this waistcoat is lightweight and features wide reflective tapes across the body for increased visibility.
  • Yoko Hi-Vis Combat Trousers: Built for toughness and utility, these trousers come with multiple pockets and reflective bands around the legs. They are ideal for workers who need both visibility and practicality.

Buying from PersonalisedandPrinted.com

Purchasing Yoko workwear from PersonalisedandPrinted.com is easy and convenient:
  1. Select the Product: Browse our range of Yoko hi-vis workwear and select the items that best suit your needs.
  2. Personalise: Use our online tool to add your logo or text. Choose embroidery or printing to suit the style of the garment and your visibility needs.
  3. Order: Finalise your design and quantity, then proceed to checkout. We offer flexible payment options and efficient delivery services.

Why Choose Yoko Workwear from Personalised and Printed?

  • Enhanced Safety: Yoko’s high-visibility clothing meets the necessary safety standards to ensure you are always seen.
  • Customisation Options: We provide professional customization that can help promote your brand while adhering to safety regulations.
  • Durability and Comfort: Yoko garments are designed to withstand the rigours of tough work environments while providing comfort throughout the workday.
By choosing Yoko from Personalised and Printed, you ensure that your workwear is not only functional but also contributes to safety and visibility in high-risk environments. Equip your team with Yoko’s high-quality hi-vis clothing to enhance both safety and professionalism at your worksite.

Showing 1–52 of 56 results