Why Hi Vis Workwear?

The importance of hi visibility work wear

According to the Health & Safety Executive’s website, The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations mean that you must always choose the correct clothing for tasks you undertake at your job. This is especially important if you’re working in a high risk scenario, where not being seen could put you in serious danger. That’s where hi visibility, or hi vis workwear comes in. Their bright, usually fluorescent fabrics and reflective properties mean that you cannot be missed, even in the darkest, cloudiest conditions, ensuring your safety.

When it comes to the types of hi visibility workwear available, it really is case of “anything and everything” – after all, the more of you that’s visible, the safer you are. The traditional, tried and trusted high visibility waistcoat remains a top seller across the world, but manufacturers are branching out, providing high vis versions of hoodies, trousers, headwear and bomber jackets.

Not just anyone can make high visibility clothing which will make the grade though, and in this case, the grade is EN471. Since 2003, this legislation has been in place to ensure that all high visibility clothing passes stringent testing to keep its wearer safe. Legally, only yellow and orange coloured high visibility clothing will pass this test. While other colours, such as greens and pinks are available, they won’t be eligible for EN471. Each garment must pass tests on its strength, colour fastness, and quality of its reflective strips. Fail that test, and you can’t sell it as a high visibility item with EN471 approval.

hivisclothingLuckily, there are some very high quality high vis clothing manufacturers out there, providing EN471 approved high vis items to the market. Port West, Dickies and Uneek are just some of the leaders in this industry, and we’re delighted to be able to offer them to our customers.

At Personalised and Printed, we offer not only premium quality high visibility clothing, but the chance to have it printed with your company’s logo or message. Choose from a variety of printing colours, or stick to the tried and trusted black, which contrasts well against the high vis fabric colours. Why not fill out one of our quick quote request forms on our website and see why so many companies choose Personalised and Printed for their hi vis items?

Branded Aprons for Promotional Events

Promotional Aprons for Exhibitions or Events.

Aprons are a must for any catering event. Not only do they offer employees the ability to escape kitchen mishaps with a quick change, protecting more valuable or harder to wash elements of a uniform, but they’re also a symbol of professionalism that guests can pick out in a crowd.

Of course, while aprons are functional, they’re also a great way to promote your brand or service. Fast food purveyors may not have cornered the market on quality service, but you’ll never see one wearing an apron without a logo, brand name or witty slogan printed across it – and for good reason.

Your aprons single out your employees as emissaries for the values of your company, so it only makes sense they should also be making it clear what company that is. As guests enjoy your services, they’ll encounter your brand again and again, completely unobtrusive but inextricably linked with the pleasure of excellent service. Whether you’re looking for branded aprons, budget aprons, promo aprons or aprons custom made to your needs, if there’s a better way to advertise your services, we haven’t heard of it.

Looking for a price or advice  on custom aprons, then click here we are here to help you!

Why Chefs wear aprons

Chefs’ aprons

Chefs of all grades wear a very distinctive uniform, and a chef’s apron is a key part of this. It’s very important that a chef incorporates a good quality apron into their uniform, for the following reasons:


Chefs usually wear a long, white apron that is folded over on top and tied in the front. It should at least cover the knees. The apron is additional protection for the body against heat and burns, and particularly injuries from boiling hot liquids. Tying the apron in front allows it to be removed more quickly, which is especially important if an accident does occur and the layer has to be pulled off quickly.

An apron also provides an additional layer of protection against heat rays, which emanate from ovens and grills.


Not only does the smart white look make the chef appear fresh and smart, it’s very easily laundered after a long shift in front of the stove.

Historical reasons

Chefs have traditionally worn white for over 600 years. Chef’s aprons are synonymous with the trade, showing professional respect and portraying a commercial image.

No matter whether they’re making a quick snack or a full dinner, a good chef knows that their high quality apron will ensure they’re better safe than sorry.

Personalised Cleaning Tabards

Cleaning staff work hard, doing a highly physical job, and need a durable, hard wearing uniform which will stand up to their daily tasks, whatever their working environment. A good cleaning uniform allows a cleaner to do their job efficiently, and can be laundered quickly and easily.

Popular choices for cleaning staff include personalised tabards and aprons. A shorter tabard is a great choice, allowing cleaners a greater range of movement and freedom for your arms – essential for your cleaning routine. Many also come with a practical pocket incorporated into the design, allowing staff to carry their tools with them as they work. Meanwhile, a traditional apron can provide more coverage for the front of the body, which is really important if your staff work in higher risk areas.

Cleaning uniforms have come a long way now, and with modern fabrics, it’s easy to make a choice which balances functionality and style perfectly.

We supply the PR171 Premier tabard which can be embrodiered or printed with your logo, available in 15 colours makes this popular uniform for many cleaning organisations. Contact us on 0191 666 1234 or use our simple quote form for prices.

Darts Team Polo Shirts

Do you run a local darts team and looking for personalised embroidered polo shirts?

We are able to help you kit out your club with embroidered darts team polo shirts, whether you are looking for a custom darts design created which you supply or maybe you use our stock design which we can modify with your darts team name including the pub or social club, either way we can help you create custom darts team polo shirts with very little hassle.

We have worked with many pub dart teams looking for excellent value for money and a basic darts team uniform. Our 50% polyester and 50% cotton polo is being offered at £8.50 per polo shirt which includes a left chest logo using our stock design and your team name using thread colours of your choice.

We also have access to many polo shirt options, whether you are looking for a 100% cotton polo shirt or maybe a 100% polyester ultra cool polo shirt with breathable fabric or more bespoke teamwear then we can discuss options for your darts team. Speak to us today for pricing on 0191 666 1234 or drop us an email via our contacts page.

Duke of Edinburgh Embroidered Clothing

We have recently been approached by a local client and produced a range of Duke of Edinburgh custom clothing. The D of E range for our clients included fleece jackets, sweatshirts and polo shirts all embroidered with the Duke of Edinburgh logo.

Our client has used The Duke of Edinburgh awards as a development programme to develop skills in its cadet force whilst learning to help others. Our client has supported its cadets in achieving the Duke of Edinburgh awards in bronze, silver and gold.

The Duke of Edinburgh awards are well recognised by many organisations including colleges and employers.

The Duke of Edinburgh fleece jackets is available in 6 colours, red, black, royal blue, black, bottle green and charcoal from sizes small to 2 X-Large.

The embroidered Duke of Edinburgh sweatshirt is available in over 15 colours in sizes small through to 3 x-large.

The Duke of Edinburgh embroidered polo shirt is also available in over 15 colours in sizes x-small through to 3 x-large.

If you are looking for any other Embroidered or Printed Duke of Edinburgh clothing then please do contact us and we will aim to help you. The Duke of Edinburgh website can also support with branded requirements. We can be contacted on 0191 666 1234 or via our contact page.

Bright Childrens Bib Aprons

Brightly coloured childrens bib aprons are a great addition to any nursery, school or playgroups.

A fun pallet of bright apron shades will encourage childrens creativity and help make diy crafts and chef classes fun. Protect kids clothes from any paint or glue, allowing them to learn and become completely absorbed in their creative play. Children wearing bib aprons will also prevent clothing from being covered in ingredients from any recipes or cooking products in the kitchen.

A variety of colours will give you the option to match or coordinate with your existing branding or school uniform, or to colour-coordinate aprons for different activities; yellow for crafts, white for cooking, blue for diy and so on.

Names and logos can also be added for the personal touch or to identify bibs used for different jobs.

Infant and junior sizes are available, as a guide we advise 3-6 years for infant and 7-10 years for junior, so it is easy to kit out most kids.

All aprons feature ribbon ties at the waist and a quick snap, easy release neckband to quickly and safely unfasten.

A polyester cotton mix means that the aprons can be washed at 60° in a domestic machine, making them an ideal and practical choice for environments where frequent laundering is required. Cool, soft and easy to put on and remove, children will find these aprons easy to wear and comfortable, leaving them free to focus on tasks and lessons without distraction.

A great, practical apron for children that will give them freedom to enjoy messy games and learning activities and become a chef of the future without worry.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, great bulk discounts for plain, printed or embroidered. We can also arrange single samples, call us on 0191 666 1234

Why buy bib aprons for my business?

Smart, practical and fully protective, the bib apron is an essential accessory within any catering environment.

From bars and bistros to pubs and cafes, each style of bib apron can be branded to meet your specialist requirements and supplied in a colour and style to meet the specific preferences of your staff.

Our general bib aprons are full length for complete protection against spills and splashes, and the handy waist ties are designed to be secured at the front for a slim, hassle-free fit for the wearer. Easy to wear, the bib apron fits over the head with the neckline sitting just level with the chest and the bottom of the apron finishing at the lower leg.

Our extensive range of colours, patterns and styles means we have a product to suit every member of staff within any catering setting. Each and every one of the premier bib apron styles we offer are designed to make your staff feel both professional and comfortable at all times whilst they work. A simple pocket can also be added to the front of any of our bib aprons for extra usability and to store small items such as pens and paper. For a more traditional look there is also the plain-front design.

The bib apron comes with a great price label and represents excellent value for money, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for affordable as well as functional hospitality formalwear. If you are looking to buy bib aprons with logo, you can complete our quote form to the right or for more details see our bib apron with pocket or our popular bib apron with no pocket.

The Famous Butcher’s Apron

There’s nothing quite like butcher-cut meat, and few high street figures are regarded with more affection than the cheerful butcher with his shiny cleaver, string of sausages, and blue and white striped apron. There’s a reason so many butchers invest in large models of this exact character to stand outside their shop and snag business, but nothing beats the real thing. Nail the look and customers will flock to the shop, enchanted by nostalgia and assured that their meat will be prepared with traditional professionalism and care.

Of course, the apron isn’t just a fashion statement for butchers, it protects their clothes from the rigours of work and ensures they’re always spick and span when dealing with customers. To that end, our selection of butcher aprons includes easy-to-clean plastic aprons – a constant assurance of hygiene and cleanliness that doesn’t require you to speak a word.

So whether you want something to keep you clean and protected or you just want to create a welcoming and friendly vibe, we’ve got the apron for you. Contact us on 0191 666 1234 or complete our online quotation form.

The Modern Restaurant Chef

There are quite literally as many different personalities and working styles within the restaurant world as there are chefs out there, although TV’s celebrity chef obsession would have us believe that the pan-throwing, ranting Ramsay-alike is the cookie-cutter default!

Most chefs, whatever their speciality, go through years of culinary school before they are able to seek proper remuneration for their employment, and this does not come cheap – as well as playing havoc with trying to maintain any kind of a social life outside of work with friends and family who keep more regular hours!

One bugbear within the food world is the oft-asked question about the difference between a chef and a cook, as any chef will tell you! A chef is a trained professional who has paid their dues, studied and worked their way up through the ranks to the stage where they can envision and create dishes of their own. A cook is simply someone who produces food, generally as a job rather than a vocation, and rarely with innovation and creativity involved.

There are a whole range of different types of chefs too, all with their own unique skills and talents.

• The head chef, more formally known as an executive chef or the chef de cuisine is at the head of the totem pole, and is likely to be the person who creates the menu and designs the dishes, while largely overseeing the actual preparation work. Today’s head chef is much more than just a food perfectionist; they are also expected to be managers, PR reps and figureheads for their restaurant, HR specialists, administrators, and much more!
• A sous chef is the head chef’s right hand man (or woman), who does plenty of cooking as well as helping to manage and organise the kitchen.
• A station chef is responsible for one particular dish, or aspect of food preparation, such as the hors d’oeuvres, or the side dishes.
• A pastry chef is a specialist in all things baking, and is able to create beautiful, delicious pastries and desserts as part of their repertoire.
• Larger and more formal dining establishments are also likely to employ a whole range of other specialists too, including a saucier, fish cook, line cook, and also commis chefs, the bottom rung or entry level to the profession.

Whatever area of the catering trade you work in and whatever type of chef role appeals to you, long, unsociable hours, split shifts, hard physical work and the odd battle scar are all part of the job!

Whilst becoming a chef is a labour of love that is highly unlikely to make anyone other than those at the very top of their field rich and famous, being a chef is also a hugely rewarding job for those looking to make their living from their love of cooking.